Logo Designs

A few iterations for Pleb Print Shop, a new independent, artisan, bitcoin-only shop.

Tiny Inkling

A book of poems, an ongoing project.

Murals at Pleb Lab

I dress up the hackerspace for nerds with some color.

Pleb Crafts

The slide deck I created for my zine workshop hosted at Pleb Lab.

Pleb Lab Yearbook

The title and back page of a zine.

Amateur painting with acrylics

I took a photo of a building that I see frequently, and it struck me, out of nowhere, that it was within my reach to represent it in paint on canvas.
I'm playing this game where I have to build up the nerve to touch it again every two weeks. Unfinished for now, but happy where I'm at with it.

Rascal Creek - printed Christmas 2021

My grandpa told me a story from when he was a boy, and I was so amused by it, I imagined it had happened to me.
That imagination became a short story. That short story became this book
which I wrote, set, designed, folded, and stitched for my family members for Christmas.
Some of my tools are included in the images. I was very happy creating this book, and pleased with the result.